An Invitation To Play

Creating play and sharing joy is part of my everyday happiness routine. I look for opportunities to find fun in daily interactions. It comes as second nature to me; I don’t need to plan and ‘think’ about it. But if this way of engaging with others isn’t already part of your day, you can inviteContinue reading “An Invitation To Play”

Take A Look At Your Habits

After reading my blog “Where do you start?”, you might be left thinking that it all sounds well and good but how will you ever manage to have time for any of it? You may be feeling a sense of overwhelm. All completely normal when you’re in the thick of it. My suggestion is, takeContinue reading “Take A Look At Your Habits”

Where do you start?

Here are some ideas on how you can start to take control of your life and adopt a mindset that better serves you. While you don’t need to necessarily try everything, challenge yourself to try things that initially scare you – it’s an indication that you may have a fear that is actually blocking youContinue reading “Where do you start?”