An Invitation To Play

“Hello!” I exclaim into what is an otherwise quiet and sleepy hallway. The woman looks at me and smiles. I’m beaming. It is good to see her. My smile is wide, full of cheer and energy, welcoming her into my bubble. It’s contagious. She has suddenly changed her whole demeanour and knocked away a deep frown across her brow. I giggle because I have surprised her and simultaneously raised her vibration. Yes, she caught the vibe.

Creating play and sharing joy is part of my everyday happiness routine. I look for opportunities to find fun in daily interactions. It comes as second nature to me; I don’t need to plan and ‘think’ about it. But if this way of engaging with others isn’t already part of your day, you can invite it in. The chance to do so is always there. When you think about your daily routine, consider who you may meet. What playful interaction could have with someone? Start with a smile to a stranger. You don’t have to know the person. 

Last week my boys were pretending to be puppies in the back of the car. We had stopped at the traffic lights. I decided to join their make-believe play and wound down the windows. I called out to the P plater next to me and said, “They’re puppies.” They barked and panted. She started smiling and even turned off her music to talk to me. We had the awkwardness of strangers, but it was quickly overcome with unifying giggles. I called out again and said, “I love the colour of your car!” It was a bold sky blue, a DIY paint job. The lights turned green, and as we drove off, I glanced over. She was still giggling, with a magical aura around her. I think I made her day!

How can you bring joy into your day and share the vibe with someone else? I would love to giggle along with you – please share your story in the comments section.

Published by Wendy Edmonds

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Blogger, Wellness Advocate, Lover of Life!

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