When My Soul Didn’t Shine

In 2016, having lived a ‘normal’ Western life I was feeling miserable. However, at the time I didn’t recognise my deep grief and sadness. I was always a positive person growing up. I wondered why it was becoming hard for my whole body to feel the way I wanted it to feel – happy and bursting with life!

It was a confusing time. I was still consciously positive and optimistic but my body aches, pains, moodiness and low energy didn’t reflect the bubbly person I had always been. My health problems seemed to have crept up on me over my 20s. Having had my first child just before I turned 30, I thought this is just how everyone must feel, and went against my intuition. I didn’t believe I was depressed as I felt I had such a good life and optimism.

The next couple of years saw me work through the symptoms I was feeling. The experience gave good insight into what steps one can take to heal. But I have had to reduce the level of stress I experience daily.  I recognise now, the hectic routine I had accepted as a high achieving professional and new mother had taken it’s toll. When I saw improvement in my symptoms, the shine it gave my soul was invigorating.

The conditions I have learnt to manage, and in some cases overcome, include joint aches, hair loss, muscle fatigue, back pain, PMS and cramps, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), headaches, chronic fatigue, skin sensitivity, depression, anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

If you are feeling confused or out of ideas, I hope this blog inspires you to consider something new. Soul Shine People articles provide tips on how you can influence your health, improve your wellbeing and bring out your soul shine.

Let yourself glow.

x Wendy

Soul Shine People

Published by Wendy Edmonds

Mother, Wife, Teacher, Blogger, Wellness Advocate, Lover of Life!

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