The what and why of Soul Shine People

The Service

Soul Shine People provide arts-based workshops that are fun and interactive while helping participants learn new information. You tell me the content, and I weave it into a creative workshop. Participants will discover how creativity can help them remember what they have learned.

To enquire about a workshop, go to the enquiry page. Watch this space for future Soul Shine People events.

The Vision

At the heart of my vision for Soul Shine People is the belief that the arts help us connect and reset. Being in an optimal state of wellbeing is important for learning. When immersed in the arts we can enter a state of wellbeing where we feel comfortable with expressing ourselves, make our own decisions and improve confidence. Research shows that the creative and performing arts provides the autonomy, relatedness and competence that we all need to feel a sense of eudaimonic wellbeing.

Why is eudaimonic wellbeing valued by Soul Shine People? Eudaimonia refers to living in a way that supports your true self. It is different to Subjective Wellbeing. Subjective Wellbeing is a description of what someone is feeling in the moment, at a certain time of their life – i.e. their level of happiness. It is important to reflect on how happy you are feeling however Soul Shine People‘s mission is to provide opportunities that expand upon that feeling so it lasts long-term. Engaging in learning and the arts are ways of doing this.

As the business owner, I want you to feel inspired to learn, find purpose and feel a sense of belonging in your community. Using the arts, we will explore and learn. Soul Shine People are curious, make self-discoveries and through the process understand more about what they like, enjoy and value. Through your own action, I hope you grow in confidence as a learner and in making choices that are best for you.