Welcome to the virtual home of Soul Shine People. I am so excited to have you here!

At the heart of my vision for Soul Shine People, I believe that you are designed to feel good and deserve it. We are all vulnerable to the push and pull of busy lives and can fall into habits or circumstances that don’t serve us well. Between family and work, you can find yourself struggling to meet all your responsibilities and feel like you’re only just surviving. I aim to help you find more time in your day. Together we will explore the parts of your life that are out of harmony with your true self. I will guide you through your challenges so you have space to do more of the things you love and care about. We will rethink how you engage with day to day life. With me by your side, we’ll be curious, make self-discoveries and through the process get clear on what you want. Through your own action, you will grow confidence in doing what is best for you. It’s time to let yourself glow.

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